our content
management system

Technophobe friendly

We know technology can be scary and daunting but we can promise you, this is not one to be afraid of!

Our system has been specifically designed to be extremely flexible, intuitive and simple. It’s always been our top priority to ensure we are accessible to absolutely everyone.

Click and create

Our simple content editor means that whether you are adding a page, a blog, a calendar item or more, you really can’t get it wrong!

Just like a word document or an email, just click and type. Use our content inserts, the same way you would in a word document and adding media? We’ve got you covered!

APP integration

Your content also links seamlessly with our parent app. When you upload to your website feeds, it will automatically post directly to your parent app.

Increase engagement with less work!

Media madness

Well actually, it’s far from mad! It’s just the same as attaching to an email. You can upload documents, cover photos, images, videos, audio all with a click of a button!

No need to change file types or resize your files, we do all of this for you. Just to make it that much easier.

Does your School brand need a refresh?

Communicate easily with parents using our apps.

Easily setup and run your parent online shop.

Is that a twinkle in your
eye we see?

Let’s explore this further! We’d love to chat with you and show you how School Spider can support your school.