pupil learning platform

engage, educate and inspire online

Expand your teaching past the classroom with our interactive digital learning platform for pupils. A great and secure platform for pupils to explore the world online. Sheltered from inappropriate language with bullying filters and direct reports to teachers to monitor and moderate content online.

home learning

Imagine receiving all your homework back in a timely and efficient way, neatly tucked into a zip folder ready to mark… We got you!

Our pupil home learning platform is the perfect tool to send and receive homework from your pupils online. Mark and feedback online securely and direct to your pupil.

Stay connected with our open class discussion threads, a space to continue a class discussion after hours or ask questions openly about an assignment.

let’s have a discussion!

Want to have a discussion with your class about a topic, or just stay connected over the school holidays? Our discussion area is perfect for this.

Teachers can create a discussion thread where the pupils and the teachers can add comments and replies. Share media, files and more with a click of a button in a secure and safe environment.

blog together

Allow pupils the freedom to add their own blogs to our platform. Unlike the big online world out there, you can be flexible with who you want these to be shared with.

A great tool for pupils to share their creativity and ideas which can also be built into your curriculum as part of a lesson.

A social media feel means pupils get the opportunity to feel like they are part of an online community, in a secure space and learn the importance of self moderation and responsibility when sharing information online.

safe and secure

We can hear the alarm bells from here! How is this safe?!

First of all, all data is completely secure and encrypted and works via an integration with your MIS system.

The content that is shared by your pupils has both automated moderation via advanced software to recognise inappropriate words, phrases and bullying which will be sent directly to the school to moderate before posted online.

Teachers can also view all comments and posts manually to review and remove anything they are unhappy with.

We also believe in allowing pupils the opportunity to recognise these things, so pupils can report comments, media or posts if they believe something is inappropriate and needs to be checked.

If you have any questions about our security, please contact us [email protected].

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