surveys and questionnaires

Ask a question, get an answer

How big is the pile of paper on your desk right now? Shred it up and switch online!

Our surveys and questionnaires are an intuitive and simple way to obtain information from parents. Parents can respond in seconds via our app or website login.

Unlimited questions, multiple answer options and assigned to the whole school, groups, classes or individuals. Increase parental engagement instantly.

Instant Responses

Instant notifications and reminders are sent directly to parents via email and app message. Parent login via our app or your school website to reply and send back to the school.

Keep it in the cloud

Cloud based records mean you can keep all of your replies secure and backed up. Download replies in multiple formats and any time, view responses online whenever you want with a quick search.

You can also view graphs and overviews for visuals on your responses.

Secure, streamline and simple!

Translate into over 100 languages for parents

Communicate easily with parents using our apps.

Easily setup and run your parent online shop.

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