parent language translations

Breaking language barriers

Say goodbye to the challenges of miscommunication and hello to understanding! 

This is designed to transform the way schools connect with parents of diverse backgrounds, by effortlessly translating messages and other communications into parents native languages, ensuring that vital information reaches every household clearly and effectively.

Parent Translations

What we translate

Send messages to and from parents

Surveys and forms sent to and completed by parents

Parents evenings booking forms sent to parents

All products and bookings available for payments

Absent request forms sent from parents and your replies

Everything else you can see in the parent portal or app

Bidirectional Communication

Bidirectional messages

Parents can not only receive your messages in their native language, but also respond in their language. We then automatically translate it back into English in School Spider.  

This includes ALL features; messages, parents’ evenings, surveys and forms, payments and more. Ensuring that vital information reaches every household clearly and effectively.

Global understanding

We are committed to fostering inclusivity, breaking down language barriers, and enhancing parental engagement. Which is why we translate to over 100 languages. 

Streamline your communication processes and save valuable time for both you and parents with our language translator.

100 Languages

Manage parent surveys and questionnaires.

Allow parents to manage their bookings online.

Easily setup and run your parent online shop.

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