parents’ evening bookings

Give parents the power!

Paper parents’ evenings are a thing of the past! Put the power in parents’ hands and allow them to book online. 

Allow the flexibility for you and for parents to manage their own bookings without the administration at the school.

Stay in touch, stay flexible

Open bookings and send instant notifications to parents via app and email; and with our scheduling tool and automatic reminders, you don’t need to give it a thought.

It’s guaranteed to be preferred by parents! They can now book, view and manage their bookings themselves for ease.

No more no shows; with our automatic reminders will also remind parents of their bookings so there’s no room for confusion.

Monitor, manage and download

Watch as your bookings fly in where you can manually change your bookings and download registers.

If you want to send an extra nudge, on top of our automatic reminders you can select our quick message option to chase those who have not booked!

Translate this into over 100 languages for parents

Communicate easily with parents using our apps.

Easily setup and run your parent online shop.

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