Is Online Communication Better Than Paper And Texts? Here’s 4 Reasons To Switch Online

The rise in schools switching to a cloud based parent communication platform this past year has been huge. COVID showed us that the paper way, really is not the best or most efficient way. 

It’s no surprise that technology is on the rise everywhere you look. In fact, in 2020 it was reported by statista that 87% of ALL adults have a smartphone and this is expected to rise to 94% by 2025. 

So what benefits can switching to a cloud based communication platform have for your school? 

1. Save money instantly 

So here we are telling you investing in a cloud based system is the option, but how is spending more going to SAVE you money?

Well it actually is much more cost effective than you think and a great long term solution. School Spider offers an app inclusive of a parent payment facility, bespoke website, content manager, parents’ evening bookings AND survey and form builder for only £1200 per year!

Let’s look at what you currently pay for without a cloud based system:

  • Paper 
  • Photocopying 
  • Printing 
  • Administration time 
  • Text messages 

It is estimated that up to 1 million sheets of paper are being used per year, per school. In addition, a further estimated £60,000 is spent on photocopying alone.

Furthermore, text messaging can also cost schools upwards of £2000 per year which can be completely removed with an app.

2. Improves parental engagement 

Getting information to parents consistently is an all too familiar struggle for schools. We know, we’ve supported over 1000 schools to improve this.

In fact, paper based systems have a notoriously poor delivery (we all know the book bags with important letters stuffed into the bottom) and interaction rate. 

Therefore, allowing parents to have information accessible at a click of a button, especially on something that is in their pocket all day long is a tool we must take advantage of. 

In addition, having your information sent and accessible in a cloud based system, means that parents have complete and unlimited access to it. No issues with delivery, no issues with accessibility, no issues with items being lost. 

” School Spider has helped us combine 3 systems to one. This has saved the academy thousands alongside saving staff and parents time in the process.”

– Westwood Primary Academy

3. You can track the efficiency

So if you do choose the switch to online, how do you know it is working?

Importantly, cloud based communication allows you access to statistics about who is and is not interacting with your messages. Subsequently, this gives you the data to know what you are doing is working.

– School Spider App Usage Statistics

School Spider gives you full statistics of how many parents have downloaded the app. For example, you can see a read rate on messages and identify if and when parents interacted with your communication. You can see more about our parent features here.

Which on a whole, is a great tool to monitor your uptake on your new app and how emails are being received.

As a direct result of implementing School Spider, our school office is now completely paper and cash free. All parental communication is via School Spider saving time, money and is better for the environment.

– Ashchurch Primary School

4. Reduce administration time

Have you considered how much time has your school spent inputting paper data into spreadsheets, consequently sieving through piles of information trying to make sense of it all? 

We guarantee it is more than you anticipate. Switching to a cloud online based communication platform is subsequently going to save both you and your parents time. 

With School Spider you can send and receive information to and from parents in seconds and record all of your responses in a secure and accessible platform. You can view survey graphs and download bookings and responses in numerous formats, thus making dealing with data much simpler and easier.

Learn more about School Spider

If you are looking at a simple paper and cash free solution to parent communication, School Spider could be a great tool for your school.

Book a no pressure chat to discuss your schools improvements plans here. 

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