Don’t get marked down on your school website!

Ofsted inspections can happen at any time so ensure you’re not making simple mistakes that could prevent the ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ that your school is aiming for. Using an Ofsted Checklist is great place to start and find out what is required of your school. 

Your website is one of, if not the first place Ofsted will look. In fact they will often look at your website before you even know you’re having an inspection! So it’s important to make sure your website is kept up to date with all the statutory information.

Download your free Ofsted checklist!

Click the link below to download our Ofsted website checklist and ensure you have all the statutory requirements you need on your school website.

Download Ofsted Checklist Here

Already using School Spider? Use your built in checklist!

If you’re already using School Spider to manage your website, remember you have our Ofsted checklist built into your admin area! We update this regularly so just click on “start now” or the orange box of the right hand side to go through step by step to check you have everything you need on your website.

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