Pupil Homework

Easily upload homework to be picked up by pupils on their computer or iPad. Homework can contain files to be completed by the pupil, images or videos and you can embed games & maps to make homework vibrant and interesting. Pupils are able to easily download files and communicate with other pupils in their class in the comments section.

Pupils can then upload their completed homework to be picked up by the teacher and the homework and be marked, graded and commented on by the teacher making the whole process paperless.


Class Discussions

Setup group discussions for your pupils to extend real life classroom discussions. All comments and topics are fully controlled by the class teacher so any comment can be quickly deleted and removed and a record kept for the teacher afterwards.

For pupil security we have a swear word and bullying filter that scans all pupil posts, pupils can report other pupils to the relevant teachers.

Pupils can add rich media to their posts with simple image, file and video uploads making communicating and sharing information and ideas really easy.


Multi School Blogging

Pupils can blog with pupils at other School Spider schools safely and securely and also upload media to enhance their blog topics and build up vibrant online discussions. Your pupils can blog with other pupils at School Spider schools through our secure network, or you can restrict your blogging to a chosen few schools or localise it completely to your school.

Along with the swear word and bullying filters, for security pupils have a panic button at the top of the blog which will automatically remove the blog for all pupils. There is also a report pupil function which enables pupils to report where unwanted content has been added.

All blogs work on a thumbs up / down voting system which sees the best comments and blogs rise to the top much like social media works in the real world.



School Wikis

Pupils and staff can create and update school Wiki pages in real time with information to be viewed by other students. All page revisions are stored and the teacher has full control to revert to previous versions. As with all pupil sections images, video and files can be uploaded and embedded into the content to make a content rich page.

A great way to teach pupils how Wikipedia works.


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