Be More Inclusive With Your School to Parent Communication With Our New Language Translator

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According to Statista over 20% of pupils in schools in the UK in 2022/23 have English as an additional language. We recognised the need for school to parent communication to be more inclusive for the many parents left literally, lost in translation. You can now transform the way your school connects with parents by using our in app language translator.

The first and only school app that allows parents to access all school communication in over 100 languages. Additionally, bidirectional translation means you can now have full conversations with parents where both parties can fully understand.

Breaking Down Barriers

Communication gaps caused by language barriers can hinder parent involvement and engagement with school. However, our translation tool bridges these gaps, ensuring that important messages from schools are seamlessly translated into over 100 languages. Therefore, creating an environment where every parent, regardless of their native language, feels fully informed and engaged in their child’s education.

Why Choose Our Language Translator?

  1. Seamless Integration: Our translation feature integrates into our parent platform on app and website, making it easy for schools to communicate effectively with all parents.
  2. Enhanced Parental Engagement: Eliminating language barriers encourages increased parental involvement along with the ability to have two way conversations with EAL parents.
  3. Cultural Sensitivity: We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity in communication. Our translation feature is designed to respect and reflect the diversity of school communities.

How It Works

  1. User Friendly Interface: We can activate the translation feature within our platform, making it accessible to all users without the need for additional tools or training.
  2. Real Time Translations: Communication from schools are translated in real-time, ensuring that parents receive timely and accurate information in their preferred language.
  3. Works Across All Tools: All parent tools are translated. This includes communication, surveys and forms, parents’ evening bookings and payments.
  4. Bidirectional Communication: Parents can respond to open conversations in their native language and this will be translated back into English in School Spider.

See what communication features we translate here.

Join Us in Fostering Inclusive Communication

At School Spider, we believe that every message is a bridge to understanding. Our translation tool is our commitment to creating a more connected and inclusive community for schools and parents. If you would like to transform how you communicate with parents contact us.

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