why choose us

you only need one

It’s one change, to one system but it’s THE one you need to transform the way you work.

Reduce the time you spend on simple admin tasks and allow parents to engage easily and consistently. Did we also mention we will most definitely save you money?

We are the only system you need to manage your online presence, communicate efficiently with parents and take payments.

Lastly, trust us when we say, you do not need to be technical to use our system.

it’s about tomorrow

The reason why you’ll never regret choosing School Spider is we think about tomorrow, not just today.

Technology changes and so do we. We know that schools’ needs and requirements change and so we change with you. We continue to stay connected with our schools, so that we can learn first hand what you NEED.

Let’s grow this web together!

we’ve got your back

Our team of School Spider specialists will never let you struggle.

We offer an amazing support package with our subscription which means you get access to unlimited free training, resources and more.

You can read more about our amazing support here.

Surveys? Questionnaires? No problem!

Easily communicate with parents using our app.

How does School Spider help pupils and teachers?

Is that a twinkle in your
eye we see?

Let’s explore this further! We’d love to chat with you and show you how School Spider can support your school.