A Virtual Learning Enviroment that is simple and easy to use for everyone

School Spider has loads of features. Take a look.

Here are a few of the features available with School Spider. There are a huge number of additional features, if you would like to see them and have a demonstration of how School Spider can help your school please call 0161 955 3689.


Access and manage website from anywhere

The software that runs the design and content of the website can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that wherever you are in the world you can manage your schools website.


Post / View homework from anywhere

Teachers and pupils can post and view discussion topics and homework items from anywhere with an internet connection, as long as they have their password. This makes the software completely portable and accessible to all.


All information is secure

All of the sensitive information you add about your school is 100% secure and not accessible by other internet users. Information added about homework or discussion topics is only accessible by the pupils it is intended for.


Unlimited Pages for each school

Each school can add an unlimited number of pages, information and images to the website. There are no restrictions on how much content you can add.


Search engine friendly website

All parts of the website are search engine friendly with dynamic meta tagging and keyword loaded page titles. This will help people to find exactly what they are looking for when searching for you on Google.


Urgent message administrator

Administrators can add urgent messages to the admin system with start and end times. This pops up instantly to alert the user when they enter the website. This can be used for snow closures, polling day closures plus much more.


Display work administrator

This allows teachers to add any work created by their pupils quickly and easily to the website. Content rich text can be added along with an unlimited number of pictures.